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Kindness Charity Drive

Nov 27,2018

It’s been very exciting as we had our Charity Drive and the Week of Kindness recently, starting on November 11th. In the beginning, many just considered ‘kindness’ as another topic or as something we’ve already all learned.  However, after we started discussing and doing activities about kindness, it’s like we saw a light of kindness shine around our school.  It was very encouraging to see children try to focus more on being kind and respecting each other, along with staff members show extra steps of kindness.  Many were very enthusiastic about the Dance of Kindness that we had with about 200 students performing dance steps to a song about unity and kindness.  We’ve also had activities with students passing out kind notes, doing random acts of kindness with each other, making cards and classes choosing a project of kindness, like collecting toys for an orphanage.  As a part of our Charity Drive, we’ve had tons of children and staff participate in collecting funds to give to the hospital Abu Resh.  Then, we had a special day where some students and staff made a trip to the hospital to give and support those in need.  It has been an honour for our school, Windrose Academy, to participate in these events.

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Parent-Teacher Conference

Nov 06,2018

The school’s first Parent Consultation Day took place on 1st of November at the end of Half-Term break.

A big thanks to all of those committed parents who were able to attend and many appreciated the opportunity to discuss in details their children’s performance and development with their teachers.

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Celebrating Success

Oct 09,2018

Last week we held our first award ceremony to recognize the success of our students in Pre IGCSE (Year 9) and checkpoint year 6 and Year 8 results.

We had much to celebrate with Year 9 achieving a very impressive 100% reaching the maximum grades allowed. We also were very pleased to reward the highest achievers in checkpoint including those at level 6 (outstanding results).

All those who were recognized received a memorable moment. Proud parents were pleased to be able to share in a very happy occasion which will be repeated next year.

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Sep 15,2018

As the start of a new school year, may I extend a very warm welcome to new parents and to those of you who are returning to Windrose Academy.

We look forward to working with you all for the success of your children in  very positive and constructive ways. We as a professional group of teachers take our responsibilities to them and to you very seriously.

In the coming year, I hope that we can work together in a very positive partnership to ensure that our students do well in their academic and personal developments.


Best wishes for a successful year.

Peter Mathias

School Principal

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FS2 Graduation Ceremony

Jun 27,2018

On Thursday 21st June, 2018 the children in FS2 celebrated a fantastic year in Foundation, with their Graduation ceremony. They all wore caps and gowns and received a scroll from their teachers for working hard. Lots of parents attended to support their children.

The program started with the children parading in their elegant dress codes through the reception, then they were greeted by their teachers and cheered by their parents.  It was a delightful day full of fun and surprises! The children showed off their true talents and self-confidence while performing on stage. i.e: funky dances, singing, marching through in their caps and gown to receive their formal ceremony and certificate awards, finally ending with the ‘Final Countdown’ and ‘Cap Toss Ups!!’

It was a memorable day for all of us here at Windrose Academy!. We wish all our graduates much success as they move on in their lives and cross a big milestone from FS to Primary Stage! You are going to be greatly missed.

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Online Safety

May 23,2018

Last week Windrose Academy held a round of internet safety assemblies for students in key stages two and three. The assemblies focused on balancing the privilege of access to technology and the inherent responsibility to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe while online.

Students were introduced/reminded of the SMART rules and were treated to a role play that tackled the common misconception that sharing some information is not that bad. Students were interested to learn how even sharing something that you might consider insignificant can lead to exposure to inappropriate materials or the hacking of your computer and/or accounts.

Our students were also introduced to the WA Student Internet Policy that outlines our ten golden rules for staying safe online. They took the contract home to discuss with parents and sign (please remind your child to bring in the signed contract in order for them to have full access to all WA equipment).

As a final point, children were introduced to Google’s Be Internet Awesome campaign and the launch of an online safety 3D game that can be played on every console with internet access.

We also made sure to reach out to all parents via the Innovation Newsletter that shared some of the lessons learned during the assembly, but more importantly, provided you with three state-of-the-art parental control solutions and suites. Please follow up on this to ensure that your child is as safe at home online as they are here at Windrose.

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