Anti-bullying Campaign

Feb 04,2019

Last week, the Windrose Academy community came together to join hands and take part in its annual campaign against bullying. Today, bullying is a major concern in all schools and communities around the world. Our goal at Windrose Academy is to ensure that every student understands what bullying is, what are the different ways bullying can happen and how to stand up against it. We aim is to create a generation of citizens who learn to be kind and tolerant adults. Only by teaching students to be accepting, kind and considerate to others can we foster a positive learning environment and ensure that they will make positive changes in our society when they leave school.

Throughout the anti-bullying week, all stakeholders took part in ensuring that our community grew to be a strong and healthy one with a full awareness of the consequences and dangers of bullying. Each year group took part in a set of activities and presented their final projects which raised awareness among the student body. Students wore blue to represent their stance against bullying and signed our anti-bullying pledge swearing to uphold its rules and defend against bullying in any way they can.