Kindness Charity Drive

Nov 27,2018

It’s been very exciting as we had our Charity Drive and the Week of Kindness recently, starting on November 11th. In the beginning, many just considered ‘kindness’ as another topic or as something we’ve already all learned.  However, after we started discussing and doing activities about kindness, it’s like we saw a light of kindness shine around our school.  It was very encouraging to see children try to focus more on being kind and respecting each other, along with staff members show extra steps of kindness.  Many were very enthusiastic about the Dance of Kindness that we had with about 200 students performing dance steps to a song about unity and kindness.  We’ve also had activities with students passing out kind notes, doing random acts of kindness with each other, making cards and classes choosing a project of kindness, like collecting toys for an orphanage.  As a part of our Charity Drive, we’ve had tons of children and staff participate in collecting funds to give to the hospital Abu Resh.  Then, we had a special day where some students and staff made a trip to the hospital to give and support those in need.  It has been an honour for our school, Windrose Academy, to participate in these events.