KS2&3 Science Fair!

Mar 20,2018

The Windrose Academy Science Fair was held last Thursday, 15th of March. Students from key stages 2 and 3 worked tirelessly on their experiments while carefully following the scientific method. Inquiry was the hero of the day and there was a particular focus on the environmental sciences and our local surroundings and community.


Science boards were creatively constructed and presentations were prepared as well as experiment demonstrations. We had a great parent turnout who were able to visit each stand and ask some probing questions. Our parents voted for their favourite projects in each key stage and we are proud to announce that the winners are:

Key Stage 2 – Year 3B: Magnet Rafts

Key Stage 3  – Year 8: Combating Air Pollution through the Recycling of Rice Residue.

Parents and staff alike were quite impressed with the creativity, out of the box thinking, solution oriented and environmentally aware projects. We congratulate the winning groups and projects and can’t wait for next year’s fair. A huge thank you to our supportive parent base and the excitement and enthusiasm they brought to the event.