Sleep, nutrition and healthy habits workshop

Apr 19,2017

Windrose Academy proudly held its first “Sleep, nutrition and healthy habits” workshop on April 11th 2017. The workshop was destined to Windrose Parents and was animated by our Year 7 students as well as external experts in nutrition and behaviour management.

Year 7 students kicked-off the workshop by presenting the results of a study that they conducted on  the sleeping and nutrition habits of Key Stage 2 students. Then took the time to discuss their findings and recommendations with the audience.

Dr Ghada Dwidar honored us with a very insightful presentation about healthy nutrition, where she shared with us the means to provide children with healthy and tasty meals.

Dr Sama el Batrawy wrapped up the event with an interesting parenting session. Dr Sama presented solutions to certain challenges that parents face with their children and showcased the strategies for a healthy family environment.

Windrose Academy would like to thank Dr Sama, Dr Ghada and the year 7 students for animating such an interesting workshop. A big thank you also for all the parents who took the time to join us during that workshop.

With this event Term 2 of the 2016-2017 academic year comes to an end. Windrose Academy wishes all students, parents and teachers a happy Spring break and see you on May 2nd 2017 for the start of Term 3.