Principal’s Welcome

I am pleased to help you in the first steps you are taking in learning about Windrose Academy, Cairo and what we are about.

At Windrose we are deeply committed to providing students with a high quality education throughout their stay with us. Our curriculum is firmly based around the UK model. We aspire to provide all students with a very wide range of educational experiences both within what we teach and how we promote students’ personal development. We strive to produce young adults with rounded, balanced personalities, who have the necessary academic and life skills to be productive and to live happy and successful lives in the 21st century. We aim to foster these qualities in an atmosphere where each individual is valued and their gifts and talents recognized and developed to their full potential.

Here at Windrose all students are encouraged to show respect and regard for others and to join with their teachers in working harmonically for the common good. We hold high expectations for all, not least for our teachers and the progress and standards our students achieve. We want them to be the best.
We value the positive, supportive partnerships which we have with all parents. Parents are encouraged to play a full part in their children’s life in school. We have extensive channels of communication between the school and home and dedicated staff to support these links. They reflect a commitment to welcome the support of parents in our endeavours.

At Windrose you will find a warm and inclusive atmosphere where the youngest quickly settle confidently into their school. They thrive in the family atmosphere where loving, concern, eager activity and beauty prevails. We strive every day to make our vision for our students a living reality for all members of our community.

Welcome to Windrose.

Peter Mathias

"Communication is one of the best aspects of Windrose Academy. "

"Their staff is composed of true professionals who use a wide variety of resources to teach. "