School News

Mother’s Day Event

Mar 27,2019

A great day for all!!

The school was delighted to welcome so many mothers and grandmothers to our school for this important event. There were a wide range of individual and group performances to celebrate and entertain their mothers throughout the morning.

The day also included a mixture of joint games and activities for mothers and children to share in together.

They enjoyed the many stalls set up by outside caterers and crafts people. All in all, a very happy, family day to repeat again next year.

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100th School Day Celebration!

Mar 08,2019

On February 28th our Foundation Stage celebrated the 100th Day of School. We can’t express the true excitement and tremendous fun the children had on that day.  They made projects, sang songs, played games, and did so many things with the number 100 that it became their best friend!  It was such an extra ordinary day! Children had a day to remember and we were so proud of their wonderful accomplishments!

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Anti-bullying Campaign

Feb 04,2019

Last week, the Windrose Academy community came together to join hands and take part in its annual campaign against bullying. Today, bullying is a major concern in all schools and communities around the world. Our goal at Windrose Academy is to ensure that every student understands what bullying is, what are the different ways bullying can happen and how to stand up against it. We aim is to create a generation of citizens who learn to be kind and tolerant adults. Only by teaching students to be accepting, kind and considerate to others can we foster a positive learning environment and ensure that they will make positive changes in our society when they leave school.

Throughout the anti-bullying week, all stakeholders took part in ensuring that our community grew to be a strong and healthy one with a full awareness of the consequences and dangers of bullying. Each year group took part in a set of activities and presented their final projects which raised awareness among the student body. Students wore blue to represent their stance against bullying and signed our anti-bullying pledge swearing to uphold its rules and defend against bullying in any way they can.

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Carfax Visit

Jan 30,2019

We were pleased to welcome our educational consultants “Carfax” to our school last week. This is part of our regular ongoing relationship with this international group of educational specialists. They provide valued advice and guidance around a wide range of educational matters.

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Kindness Charity Drive

Nov 27,2018

It’s been very exciting as we had our Charity Drive and the Week of Kindness recently, starting on November 11th. In the beginning, many just considered ‘kindness’ as another topic or as something we’ve already all learned.  However, after we started discussing and doing activities about kindness, it’s like we saw a light of kindness shine around our school.  It was very encouraging to see children try to focus more on being kind and respecting each other, along with staff members show extra steps of kindness.  Many were very enthusiastic about the Dance of Kindness that we had with about 200 students performing dance steps to a song about unity and kindness.  We’ve also had activities with students passing out kind notes, doing random acts of kindness with each other, making cards and classes choosing a project of kindness, like collecting toys for an orphanage.  As a part of our Charity Drive, we’ve had tons of children and staff participate in collecting funds to give to the hospital Abu Resh.  Then, we had a special day where some students and staff made a trip to the hospital to give and support those in need.  It has been an honour for our school, Windrose Academy, to participate in these events.

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Parent-Teacher Conference

Nov 06,2018

The school’s first Parent Consultation Day took place on 1st of November at the end of Half-Term break.

A big thanks to all of those committed parents who were able to attend and many appreciated the opportunity to discuss in details their children’s performance and development with their teachers.

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