November Numeracy Challenge

Nov 17,2019

We have a full week of learning ahead at Windrose Academy. The November Numeracy Challenge kicks off tomorrow with a strong focus on numeracy computation skills for all students registered on Mathletics. The November Numeracy Challenge will run from Monday 18th November until Sunday 24th November (1 week). We are challenging you to earn as many participation points as you can. The first placed school will be the school with the highest average total of participation points. This will be calculated by taking the total number of participation points divided by the total number of registered students in the school. Students are beginning learning their parts for their Winter Concert and show.


Deadline of December 1 for all health forms to be returned or filled out. Please remember that all students must be in their full winter uniform by December 1 which means Windrose jackets or solid black or dark gray jackets. Thanks for your support.