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Jun 01,2020

Hello parents to the last week of learning! It feels so odd to be writing the word June and there are no kids in school to celebrate these last days. Many year groups will be planning for small events this week so please pay close attention to any emails from your child’s teachers. Next week we will be collecting all books that are checked out from the school and at that time you can pick up any remaining personal items belonging to your child.
We wish you a wonderful, calm and healthy summer! Thanks for all your support of school and in these challenging times staying engaged and supportive.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer.

Angela Dillon

School Principal

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May 12,2020

Perseverance! This is where we are now in the final weeks of distance learning. It takes perseverance for parents, students, and teachers to make this final push towards the end of the academic school year. Please pay close attention to emails from coordinators regarding student participation and upcoming information for the end of the term.

Library books can be returned any time as well as we will be collecting materials that need to be returned to the school. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I know it’s an easy time to turn off and we are all being pulled in many directions, so please communicate if you are feeling overwhelmed or need assistance in any area. Thanks for your support and we wish you a wonderful week.


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May 06,2020

We are now entering May and spring is all around us. The sights and sounds of spring lead us to know there is still happiness and rejuvenation around us. This may be one of the most challenging times in our personal histories and our families are showing perseverance and courage in these times.  Trying to keep students engaged can be challenging at times. Please feel free to reach out to anyone here at Windrose Academy if you need assistance, advice or even just a friendly voice. We are here to support our famillies and we will all emerge a strong community after these trying times.

Angela Dillon

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Apr 29,2020

Happy Ramadan to all our Windrose community. We hope this month is a blessed month for all. We are now using our Ramdan schedules for online learning. This is an important time to keep your children on a structured day and keep them engaged in their learning this month.


A huge show of appreciation for our Windrose faculty and staff who have been keeping learning alive and meaningful. Parents have been true partners in this unchartered journey. Students will reap the benefits of everyone’s effort and work in partnership.


If you have questions about this month’s schedules, please let your teacher or coordinators know.


Have a wonderful week!

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Apr 13,2020

As we move into another week of e-learning, we hope you and your family are finding a routine that works best for you and your circumstances. It ie helpful for children to keep some sense of normalcy and calmness in these times.

One way to help ease fears is to talk with them about what is happening in the world from a factual point of view. I found this article very helpful especially for small children.

Talking about COVID with your child

Our teachers have been working nonstop to keep your children engaged with school and learning. The whole world is experiencing events like never before so we are all in a learning mode ourselves as well. We approach each day with children at the forefront of all decisions and what is best for them at these times. Please feel free to reach out if you need support.

Have a peaceful week.

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Mar 22,2020

Welcome to the second week of distance learning.

There are a few reminders to make the process easier for you at home:

1) Please check your email daily and encourage KS2/3/4 to check their emails and Google Classroom as well.

2) Be in contact with your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns. We want to make sure all students are connected and engaged daily in school.

3) Don’t pressure your children too much. This is a stressful time and we are all trying out best efforts to keep lessons ongoing and provide opportunities for your children daily.

Please try to maintain some positivity each day with some music, cooking, physical activity, some games and/or some reading. We look forward to seeing the students back very soon.

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