Healthy snacks, salads, hot meals, sandwiches and beverages are available on-site.Busy working parents will be pleased to hear that we have an on-site cafeteria at Windrose Academy offering a selection of healthy snacks, salads, hot meals, sandwiches and beverages. The food is freshly prepared and delivered to our premises on a daily basis.

Students access the cafeteria services using a swipe card system that limits the use of cash and allows parents to track their child’s orders. You can rely on the cafeteria to keep your child well-nourished throughout the school day.

If your child has specific nutritional requirements we can usually accommodate these – please get in touch  with us to discuss them.

"The staff at Windrose Academy is very keen on ensuring child safety and health. "

"At Windrose Academy you can always expect a healthy atmosphere, good manners and a small number of students in classrooms."