Our Values

Student Centred Approach

We place the interests of the student at the centre of our decision-making processes. In the areas of academic excellence, school development and community, decisions are made to maximize student outcomes at all times.

Global Community

Windrose Academy promotes understanding, tolerance and friendship among all members of the school community. Students, parents and staff interact with mutual respect and celebrate diversity.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

The environment at Windrose Academy motivates students to think critically and communicate openly. Students are encouraged to express themselves and actively participate in the teaching and learning process.

Nurturing Team Spirit

Students develop team spirit by observing positive interactions between other members of the Windrose community. These learned behaviours are encouraged further through the use of collaborative teaching and learning methods.

"Windrose Academy offers good customer service, a strong management, great teachers and a pleasant and safe social environment without becoming commercial. "

"The staff at Windrose Academy is very keen on ensuring child safety and health. "