Celebrating Ramadan Galabeya Day!

Mar 17,2024

The entire school community came together to commemorate this special occasion, immersing themselves in the festive spirit of Ramadan.

The day commenced with an enchanting sight as students arrived dressed in their colorful galabeyas and Ramadan outfits. The school transformed into a lively hub of cultural diversity, showcasing various traditional attires and creating a captivating atmosphere.

The festivities kicked off with a series of joyful activities, tailored to each grade level. The Foundation Stage (FS) students were treated to a delightful puppet show, where they learned about the significance of fasting during Ramadan. The interactive performance helped them understand the values and principles associated with this holy month.

Moving on to Key Stage 1 (KS1), students engaged in creative in-class activities. They joyfully colored Ramadan lanterns, Meanwhile, the older students in Key Stage 2 (KS2) showcased their remarkable talent through outstanding performances. From enchanting recitations of Quranic verses to mesmerizing traditional dances, the students left the audience in awe with their dedication and skill. Their performances truly reflected the spirit of Ramadan, fostering unity and promoting cultural appreciation.

The highlight of the day was the Oriental Dish Party organized in each class. Students indulged in a delectable array of traditional dishes, tantalizing their taste buds with the rich flavors of the Middle East. From savory delicacies to mouthwatering desserts, the oriental snacks elevated the festive experience, making the day even more enjoyable.

As the day drew to a close, the school community bid farewell to Ramadan Galabeya Day with hearts filled with joy and memories that would last a lifetime. The event served as a reminder of the richness of cultural heritage and the power of unity in creating a harmonious community.


Claudine Hodroj

School Principal