School News

Dec 02,2019

Welcome to December and month filled with holiday spirit! All year groups are busy practicing for the winter show in their classrooms. Very soon we will begin reviewing for exams in some year groups. Please remember to help children prepare by getting a good night’s rest, eat a balanced breakfast and don’t put too much pressure on them. Early preparation is key to success.  Please be sure kids are in full winter uniforms by now. We look forward to a wonderful week of learning!

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Nov 25,2019

Welcome to another busy week at Windrose Academy. We have KS2 Talent Show auditions taking place during breaks this week. It’s amazing to see the variety of talent that students have outside of their classrooms as well as inside. KS3 had a very competitive match against Noor Language School last week and defeated them with a score of 6-0.  The middle school science competition took 1st place at the Your Child Expo last weekend. The November Numeracy Challenge has been dominating math sessions and will end today on November 24th. We are very excited to see the improvements in math using Matheltics to support mental math.  Please remember to fill out and return health forms so we can assist your child in case of illness.  There are a lot of wonderful extra-curricular activities going on at school – look for more announcements soon.

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November Numeracy Challenge

Nov 17,2019

We have a full week of learning ahead at Windrose Academy. The November Numeracy Challenge kicks off tomorrow with a strong focus on numeracy computation skills for all students registered on Mathletics. The November Numeracy Challenge will run from Monday 18th November until Sunday 24th November (1 week). We are challenging you to earn as many participation points as you can. The first placed school will be the school with the highest average total of participation points. This will be calculated by taking the total number of participation points divided by the total number of registered students in the school. Students are beginning learning their parts for their Winter Concert and show.


Deadline of December 1 for all health forms to be returned or filled out. Please remember that all students must be in their full winter uniform by December 1 which means Windrose jackets or solid black or dark gray jackets. Thanks for your support.

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Nov 11,2019

Welcome to a short, but busy week here at school. We have Coding Club starting for KS2 and KS3. The sign ups will be out this week for the World Scholar’s Cup Competition,  as well for KS2 and KS3. There are also talent show sign ups for KS2 and KS3 out as well. The KS1 talent show will be in the spring. Come and see the new playground painting which allows for some movement and balance practice for KS1 and FS2. The chalkboard wall is ready and kids have been doing some amazing artwork on it. Please remember the winter uniform policy, but it’s still warm in the afternoon so layers are the best. Healthy lunches are always the best to give students the extra energy to get through the school day focused and with their minds ready to learn! Have a wonderful week.


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Welcome back

Nov 03,2019

Welcome back to school! The next 6 weeks will be busy as we head towards the midyear holidays. It’s an exciting time of year, but we will be working hard in all academic areas. This is the time where children can make a lot of progress in their studies as there are not many interruptions between now and the Winter Holidays. Please communicate with your child’s teacher regarding any questions or concerns as a first point of contact. As the weather cools and children wear layers, please be sure to label all your child’s belongings.

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Checkpoint Best Achievers Celebrations!!

Oct 21,2019

A wonderful celebration was held for our amazing academic achievers! Through the hard work of students, teachers and parents these students achieved amazing results. The sky is the limit for these students. We recognize achievements in all areas at Windrose Academy to support our students and efforts.


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